Monday, 26 March 2018


Hi all, Apologies but I've sadly not been around to blog about my jewellery. If you follow me on Facebook you'll know I've recently undergone the first of a set of major operations on my hips which has sidelined me for some time and is currently keeping me out of the jewellery studio. Recovery plan is long and slow and I'm working hard to get better enough to get metal bashing again but when exactly that will be I'm not 100% sure.

This blog has got neglected somewhat so I've decided to fill in the gaps while I op recover, and share with you some posts on another passion of mine....Halloween! particular....the traditional Hallows family party we have each year. For the last 5 years or so it's been held at my nephews house and each year the 'fancy dress' costumes required to wear have become more elaborate and fun and the effort put in by everyone has been inspirational and often mind blowing with their creativity. I absolutely love this event, it really is my fav time of the year and really throw my all and everything into it, creating and making costumes for both myself and my partner. I often spent most of my year thinking about and planning what we are going to wear.
I've shared these costume making antics with Facebook friends over the years and have always had very positive feedback on them and have had people ask lots of questions about my creations and how they are I've decided to now share them with the wider audience....and blog about them here!
I've grown up in a very artistic family with a dad who wasn't afraid of using the sewing machine and made many amazing fancy dress costumes for both myself and my sister as we were growing up...he was also chief soft furnishings maker in the family, creating curtains and wot not for the home and threw his hand at making many things from apparently nothing. Dad is sadly no longer with us but I'm happy to say the passion and creative genes were passed on and I'm always keen to make my own costumes from scratch wherever possible, using and reusing materials, recycling and utilizing what ever is at hand to keep costs and new materials down.
I use my experience and knowledge as an artist and crafter but I'm by no means an expert on costume making or SFX makeup etc, my makes aren't what I'd call 'professional quality', you'll not be seeing me on the likes of FaceOff Allstars lol...and I've had a fair share of disasters and failures in the past. These are fun costume makes for partytime oneoffs (maybe worn and used a couple of times after) and artistic license is often in flow, forget the anatomical historical correctness and such and we're not talking professional cosplay...but what I hope in sharing my makes with you, is that you find it interesting, helpful, and inspiring enough to realise that it's pretty easy and fun to create your own without the need of high end or expensive materials...or that much experience. I'll share my makes, what I use, some step by step photos of some of the making processes...and give you hints and tips that I've found useful.

My next post will be on one of the first Hallows 'looks'  I put together which really was done on the cheap, with very little, but proved extremely effective and fun...and as my posts progress you'll see how I've progressed, advanced and learnt more, expanded my creativeness to produce more elaborate costumes and characters.

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