Friday, 16 August 2013


A number of years ago I created and launched a range of illustrations called 'The World of Tatty Button', in 2011 a small selection were redesigned for, and licensed by Creative Expressions who released them as a series of rubber craft stamps and papercraft CD Roms. Until now, Tatty has been 'resting' while I've been concentrating on my other work but I can now now happily say she is BACK and will be playing a firm part in STUDIOFORTY.

This week I have released four original designs as printed cotton shopping bags. These bags are organic and certified fairtrade cotton but at present are very limited in I will be hand printing to order only...on a first come first served basis and when they are gone they are gone.

Each bag is priced at £9.00 each.




reverse of each bag printed with a small flower & button detail.

If you are interested in ordering, or you require further details, please contact me via the STUDIOFORTY FACEBOOK page

There is also a link to the right of this blog page.

(images coming soon)



I can provide a service of creating a personal bracelet or keyring made from hair from your horse or pony's tail....a lovely memory keepsake, or just to wear to remain close to your equine friend when you're not at the stables.

At present I can only offer this service to UK residents only.

Two bracelet, and two keyring designs are available...all handmade and braided by myself, and set into silver plated fixings - with sturdy but delicate styled magnetic clasps for bracelets, keyrings are fitted with traditional clips and mini tassel charms are fitted with boltring clasps.

Bracelets are made to a standard 7-7.5 inch length. Prices from £8.00 plus p&p

For all details, photos of previous commissioned pieces, prices plus requirements, please check out the Facebook page here - Horse Hair Jewellery


A big HELLO and WELCOME to my new blog STUDIO FORTY!

This is the place where I'll be blogging about my all my new art, jewellery and handcrafted items that will be available to purchase.

So, first things first....why called STUDIO FORTY?

Well, that's what my new studio is called. If you follow my other blog 'The Six Inch Square' you'll know that last year I was busy refurbishing my home based art studio in order to help kick start off a new little business. The studio was completed (and my business venture started) the year I celebrated my fortieth birthday and I was given a huge birthday badge with the number 40 on it which I hung on the studio door. The studio, from that day, was jokingly christened Studio Forty...

(a corner of Studio Forty - the jewellery workplace)

...the name stuck...

...and it was decided that that was what I should call the business too...

...and this blog is about the business, and life in my little Studio Forty...

so naturally it is also titled thus!

I LOVE TO CREATE! I'm a freelance illustrator and artist. My work consists of a variety of art, medium and crafts from paintings and drawings - pet portraits, modern canvaswork, and illustrations, to jewellery in precious metals, polymers and mixed media...and other small hand crafted 'crafty' stuff. I also create personal hand braided horse hair jewellery (made from hair of your horse/pony's tail).
example of my pastel pet portraits

Studio Forty will also be incorporating The World of Tatty Button and Agnes the Red designs...PLUS a new brand soon to be launched. Keep your eyes peeled, keep visiting this blog and you'll discover more on those.

I hope to provide you with a variety of things to purchase...from small gifts to larger artworks...from prints, to limited editions and unique one offs....something for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this...and I do hope you'll visit on a regular basis. Please also spread the word and share this blog....and I can also be found on FACEBOOK